Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I hope these answer some questions you may have about my portraits. If not, feel free to drop me a line at and I will promptly reply. Thanks!


What is a digital pet portrait?

All my pet portraits are done by hand, but on a computer instead of a canvas. I paint and draw with my digital pen tablet in Photoshop. So, instead of a canvas, you receive a high-resolution JPEG file, that you can then have printed however you like! Most of my clients have their portraits printed on photo paper, but many also print them on canvas, metal, glass, mugs, pillows, almost anything nowadays! Doing digital portraits helps keep my costs down and that way I can offer you the best price!


How much are your portraits?

ABSTRACT STYLE - $50 each for a digital file.

FAUX PAINT STYLE - SALE! $40 each for a digital file.

Those prices are for a single pet. Additional pets in the same portrait (up to 2), are $15 each extra.

Gift certificates always available!


Can I pick the background?

Most people let me choose a background that I think will work best, but yes you can request a certain background for my abstract style only. For an abstract versions, you can look through my gallery on my website or Facebook page and if you see a background you like, let me know. I can make any background in any color. For my faux paint style, You can pick up to 2 colors that I will blend together.


How should I print my digital file portrait?

Just as you would with any other picture you take, you have several options when it comes to printing your portrait. You can always print it on your home printer using nice photo paper. However, for best results, I suggest uploading to a reputable printing company like and ordering prints through them. Also, most drugstores and box stores have do-it-yourself photo printing kiosks that can print your portrait in under an hour and for under $5. I have had great luck with them! If you want something unique, try printing on canvas (this works especially well for my faux paint style). I recommend


How long does it take to do a portrait?

From start to finish, it takes about 2-3 days, depending on how many orders I currently have and how busy I am with my other job. If you need a portrait by a certain date, let me know and I can probably accommodate it.


I have more than one pet. Can you do them in the same portrait?

Additional pets are $15 extra. To keep detail sharp and the portrait looking its best, I can do up to two pets in the same portrait. The pets do not all have to be in the same original picture for me to create a portrait. Just send me two separate photos and I can piece it together.


Other pet portraits are so expensive. Why are yours so cheap?

I want everyone to be able to enjoy my portraits, regardless of their budget. That's why I make them so affordable. They are also more affordable than traditional portraits because they are "digital art." It's not an oil painting. I do draw all the detail by hand using my digital pet tablet, and all the color and backgrounds are added in Photoshop, thus making it digital art. So the finished product is actually a computer file, which can then be printed. 


What kind of photos do you recommend?

For best results, I recommend sending several photos for me to look at. Great portraits start with great photos. Do not choose a photo that is blurry, has bad lighting, and doesn't show a lot of detail. Abstract style: Head shots are recommended and work best. Full body shots are only recommended for cats and small dogs. Faux Paint Style: Head shots only! I will let you know if a photo just will not work the best.


I would like to order a portrait. Where should I send my picture?

When you're ready for a portrait, send them to me at Include your contact information, style choice, and the pet's name with correct spelling, and if you need it completed by a certain date (like for a gift). If you prefer to mail your photo just contact me for address. I will mail back your photo(s). You can also message me through my Facebook Page.


Do you do gift certificates?

Yes! If you'd like to order a gift certificate, just let me know. I will e-mail you the certificate and you can print it and give it as a gift, or I can e-mail it to them as an "e-certificate." 


How do I contact you?

For all other questions, just write to or message me on my Facebook page. Thanks!




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